NN14 weather

Welcome to NN14 Weather Station, Rothwell, North Northamptonshire.

Latitude N 52° 25' 26"     Longitude E 00° 48' 37"     Elevation 440 ft     

Current Conditions
Temperature and Humidity
Actual Temperature 3.3 °C Dew Point 0.2 °C
Apparent Temperature -2.0 °C Windchill -0.7 °C
Humidity 80%
Barometer  1015.0 mb Rising 0.6 mb/hr

NN14 Computer generated 12 hour forecast
Becoming fine

Dawn: 06:31 Dusk: 17:51 Daylight: 11:20 hours Moon
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Solar Day
Sunrise: 07:06 Sunset:  17:16 Day length: 10:10 hours
Lunar Day
Moonrise: 05:08 Moonset: 12:42 Moon Phase: Waning Crescent  >>

Station Information
Equipment and settings
The weather station in use here is the Fine Offset WH3080 (Watson W8681-SOLAR). The anemometer and vane are mounted on a pole above roof height, at about 9m agl, together with the solar sensor. The radio link transmitter and the rain gauge are mounted a bit lower, at roof level, around 7.5m agl, to aid radio coverage back to the console.
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News and Events
11/02/20 11:30 to 11/02/20 20:00
Station offline whilst Cumulus upgraded to Build 1099. No data lost.
10/02/20 12:00 to 10/02/20 16:00
Data interrupted due to station USB link failure.
08/02/20 09:00 to 09/02/20 21:00
NN14 Web control extended to allow for raw data download. (Archive page added).
23/01/20 18:00 to 25/01/20 14:30
Data glitches due to low transmitter battery. Battery replaced. Glitches not yet removed.
22/01/20 04:00 to 22/01/20 20:00
Station offline whilst OS upgraded to Windows 10. No data lost.
02/01/20 10:00 to 02/01/20 11:00
Data incorrect whilst mast lowered for anemometer replacement (cup arm failure)
04/11/19 10:00 to 04/11/19 12:00
Data incorrect whilst mast lowered for transmitter battery replacement